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Board of Directors


You may contact an officer with questions or concerns about the neighborhood by emailing: or an officer at

PresidentBryan Reese
Vice PresidentMark Munger
TreasurerDawn O’Keeffe
SecretaryCarolynne Clifford
Home Tour DirectorAnnette Yasin

Block Representatives

You may contact your block representative by emailing (Blocks are separated north and south at Bell St., or around house address 1000. Houses on east / west streets are grouped with the nearest north / south street.)

StreetSouth RepNorth Rep
MentorLiza BillingtonDawn & Jim O’Keeffe
CatalinaTim Holdener & Elizabeth BoernerGeorge Pallil
WilsonAnthony & Regina WestCarol Polanskey & Martin Ratliff
Mar VistaCarolynne & Mark CliffordAmy & Mark Munger
MichiganDoreen Bell & Paul YamashiteMonique Weiland
ChesterAmber RichardsKendra & Justin Cook
HollistonPeggy Renner & Bob NelsonTina Miller
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National Register of Historic Places

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