Mayor Terry Tornek

Phone (626) 744-4311

City Council District Liaison
Rhonda Stone – (626) 744-7147

Administrative Analyst
Jana Stewart – (626) 744-4111


Council District 2: Council member Margaret McAustin

Field Representative: Margo Morales

Phone (626) 744-4742

District 5: Vice Mayor Victor M. Gordo

Field Representative: Vannia DeLaCuba

Phone (626) 744-4741 or (626) 831-8609

Fax (626) 398-1836



Water and Electric

Pasadena Water & Power (626) 744-4005


Southern California Gas Company (800) 427-2200

Code Compliance Complaint / Pasadena Citizen Service Center

Complaint Information Tracking was established to maintain a record of all complaints filed with the Planning & Community Development Department. Some complaints received are for other City departments. Rather than transfer the caller, we receive the complaint and forward it to the proper City Department for investigation and resolution.

The type of complaints tracked through the Complaint Information Tracking program include residential and commercial property maintenance, health and safety, fire hazards, zoning violations, and other related issues.

Complaint Information Tracking has proven to be an invaluable tool in ensuring that all citizen complaints are investigated and resolved in a timely manner.  To obtain an update on the status of an existing complaint, please call (626) 744-7282.  For further information about the property location and/or specific code, please call the Code Compliance office at 626-744-4633 or FAX 626-744-4249.

The Citizen Service Center (CSC) is a centralized service to help Pasadena residents connect with their City!  CSC is available via web, mobile app and phone to assist in answering questions about City programs, services and events.  Our knowledgeable representatives can help you find the information you need!

Whether it’s a pothole, a street light is out, an abandoned item or Graffiti (just to name a few), the CSC makes it easy for you to submit a request and to resolve your issue quickly!  To download your free app, go to CSC Mobile App.

Trash and Recycling

Efficient refuse and recycling collection programs ensure that the City is aesthetically pleasing, protects the community’s health, and reduces the City’s waste stream.

Roadway Maintenance, Storm Drains, Sewer, and Street Cleaning

Street Maintenance Management is responsible for patching all the streets and sidewalks throughout Pasadena, the maintenance of both storm drain and sewer systems, and sweeping of streets, including the removal of heavy trash items left in the parkway or areas on the streets or alleys. (626) 744-4087

Permit Center –  Permits & Applications

All applications must be filled out completely and submitted to the Permit Center with applicable fees. The Master Application is required for all legislative applications. If your project requires more than one legislative application, you only fill out the Master Application once, and fill out all supplemental applications as required.  There are two versions of the Master Application, the long form which includes the Environmental Assessment Supplement questions for environmental impact review and the short form, which is a single page.  For pdf forms of permits, visit Permit Forms

Pasadena Tree Protection Ordinance

The City of Pasadena recognized the importance of trees by passing an ordinance that will protect the canopy of trees in Pasadena now, and in the future.  An ordinance amending the “City Trees and Tree Protection Ordinance” passed by the City Council on May 5, 2002 was sparked by the interest of the community and government to preserve and grow the urban forest. There are Four categories of trees that are protected by the ordinance and specified locations where they are protected.   For further information contact the Customer Service Center at (626) 744-4321 or visit Tree Protection.

Public Schools (K-12)

Pasadena Unified School District (626) 795-6981

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