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Up to $15,000 in proceeds from each year’s Home Tour is used to fund the BHNA Home Restoration Grant Program. This program provides money and project assistance to Bungalow Heaven homeowners for maintenance or restoration of their home. Now in its fourth year, the BHNA Home Restoration Grant Program has awarded about $xx,000 (I need to check with Cindy) to homeowners.

The Grant Program provides money for projects that repair or restore the original features of a house, or that help to maintain or enhance the structural integrity of the building.
Grant awards are chosen on the basis of the proposed project and the financial needs of the homeowner, all subject to the limitations of available Grant funds.

The Grant Program is funded by BHNA, but Pasadena Heritage, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to “identify, preserve, and protect the historic, architectural, and cultural resources of the City of Pasadena through advocacy, education and oral histories”, administers the funding decisions and project execution The staff of Pasadena Heritage is experienced with historic restoration, and able to enlist the aid of an large, knowledgeable volunteer group. This collaboration between BHNA and Pasadena Heritage is critical for the Grant Program, because Pasadena Heritage provides the organizational structure and restoration experience that any all-volunteer Neighborhood Association would be hard-pressed to develop and maintain.

There is a modestly funded needs-based City program offering similar assistance to Pasadena homeowners. However, the BHNA Grant Program is distinct from this in that it is funded completely by BHNA money, is only for Bungalow Heaven houses, and ensures that projects respect the spirit of the preservation goals for which the Landmark District was founded.

Grant Program Objectives

The stated objectives of the Home Restoration Grant Program are to:

a) complement existing neighborhood improvement efforts by providing needed financial assistance to low and moderate income homeowners, and by providing technical and managerial assistance to plan and execute projects;

b) demonstrate the feasibility of affordable, preservation-sensitive rehabilitation methods;

c) improve the quality of life of Bungalow Heaven residents and grant recipients by maintaining and restoring the existing housing stock;

d) extend the life, aesthetic appeal, and structural integrity of the houses of Bungalow Heaven to provide an architectural legacy for future generations.

Acceptable Projects

Acceptable projects include (but are not limited to):
– window repair
– chimney repair and re-building
– restoration work on porches
– repair/restoration of trim, rafter tails, beam ends, or siding
– removal of added stucco
– roof repair
– paint supplies
– structural repair, such as foundation work