Kimberley, a Bungalow Heaven mother, saw an opportunity to utilize the neighborhood to enhance her at-home child rearing experience started the group in June 2002, when her first child was born.  She found that forming this friendly group was a wonderful way to be social with similar minded adults while her baby played and formed ties with neighborhood children.

Bungalow Heaven Play Group (BHPG) is a creative playgroup for young children and a Mother’s Support Network for families who reside in Bungalow Heaven and surrounding areas. BHPG currently has over 50 participating families. One of the hallmarks of the group is that most play dates are close to home, making it convenient and economical by using the stroller as transportation. The BHPG does not have an age limitation. Because play dates are primarily during school hours, most of the children are between the ages of one month old and 5 years old.  The BHPG regularly meets once per week at McDonald Park or or someone’s home.  Separate age-specific groups have been established for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers.

If you are interested in participating or coordinating an age-specific group, please contact the founder at  We are currently looking for group coordinators. If you are interested, your inquiry will be appreciated.